The Wisconsin Ethics Commission is investigating the Trump fundraising organization for potential legal action

Donald Trump fundraising faces Wisconsin Ethics Commission

In a startling revelation, a bipartisan ethics panel in Wisconsin recommends felony charges against one of Donald Trump fundraising entities. The panel asserts an alleged scheme aimed at skirting campaign finance laws to influence a prominent GOP lawmaker who distanced himself from Trump.

Legal Woes Mount for Trump

Adding to the legal entanglements of the former president, who already faces 91 charges across jurisdictions, the Wisconsin Ethics Commission discloses findings of probable cause. The charges involve Trump’s Save America committee and several state and local Republican officials.

“The mounting legal issues for the ex-president escalate, with 91 charges spanning jurisdictions, including Wisconsin,” according to Wall Street Journal Subscription.

Focus on 2022 Primary Race

The commission’s investigation centers around the 2022 primary race. It involved Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and political newcomer Adam Steen, a Donald Trump ally. According to recently released records, there are allegations that a strategy was formulated to circumvent campaign finance laws. The funds purportedly followed a path through county parties before reaching Steen’s campaign.

Substantial Donation Raises Eyebrows

Save America’s donation of $15,000 to county parties in August 2022, distributed among three Republican parties, raises questions. Notably, these were the sole donations by Save America to county parties in 2021 and 2022, as per campaign finance records.

Silence from Trump and Steen Camps

Responses from the Trump campaign and Steen remain elusive. The ethics commission refrains from explicitly naming individuals while recommending charges against Save America and its agents.

Potential Penalties and Legal Procedures

The alleged felonies could result in prison terms of up to 3½ years and fines of $10,000. Republican prosecutors in five counties must handle the legal proceedings adhering to Wisconsin law if they pursue conspiracy charges, and they may apply additional penalties.

District Attorneys’ Responses Vary

District attorneys, including Patricia Hanson in Racine County, commit to swift decisions on referrals. Others, like Sue Opper in Waukesha County, await more information from the ethics commission before determining their course of action.

Ongoing Political and Legal Drama

This unfolding legal drama promises to keep the spotlight on Trump’s political and legal challenges. It sheds light on the intricate intersections of campaign finance, electoral politics, and potential legal repercussions.

“The ongoing legal saga intensifies scrutiny on Trump’s political and legal dilemmas, revealing complex intersections,” according to Bloomberg.

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